Do not miss the Ken Burns six-hour PBS mini-series.

You will see the charismatic, charming, cocky, crazy, Ernest Hemingway from childhood to death in this fascinating biography. As usual, Burns will amaze you with intricate, much unexpected, detail––warts, and all.

I might add a subtitle. Hemingway: The Man and the Myth. I think I prefer the myth.

I stumbled on the third two-hour episode last night. I had a special interest, having met Hemingway and his wife Mary at an Embassy reception in Havana, Cuba, on our CG Academy cadet cruise in 1956.

Reader or Author, Hemingway fan or not, everybody can enjoy this wonderful human interest series.

You can watch all three of the two-hour episodes here: www.pbs.org/kenburns/hemingway

Author: Dick

I have to tell you right up front. I’m a story teller. After graduation from the Coast Guard Academy in 1957, my twenty-eight years of active duty have given me a lot of fodder. I finally heeded my daughter’s pleas, “Dad, you have got to write those stories down,” and published my memoirs in 1975. Caught up in the writing experience, I moved on to publish a novel in 2019 and I'm continuing to write. It's my new number 1 hobby.

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