Richard Marcott

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Welcome to my Website!

I’m a retired US Coast Guard Captain turned author. After graduating from the Coast Guard Academy in 1957, I embarked on a twenty-eight-year career that gave me a lot of fodder for stories. I like stories. I like to hear them––and I like to tell them.
After I retired, my daughter, who had heard them since her teen years, now married with children, kept after me, “Dad, you have to start writing those stories down for your grandchildren.” Following a college memoir-writing course, I embarked on a six-year learning curve of self-study. I finally published my memoirs in 2016, “The View from the Rigging: Memoirs of a Coast Guard Career.”
My daughter publicly touted my accomplishment, “I’m so proud of my dad who just published his first book at age 81.” First book? That did it! Now I was committed to a second.
Intrigued by the creative non-fiction style I learned writing my memoirs, I was enticed to attempt a novel. The result is “It’s My Turn,” which I published in 2019.
You can learn about both books on MY BOOKS page. Look around the site to learn more ABOUT ME, dig a little deeper into the FAQ’s. I’ll be sharing craft thoughts as well as short pieces on the WRITING page.
At NEWS & VIEWS, you find my blog, where I’ll share cogent (and some not so cogent) comments and thoughts of the day.
I’m glad you’re here. Come back often.
Richard J. Marcott