It’s My Turn

Can Erika build a life of her own after her marriage to the cross-dressing-church-lady organist?

            When her husband went public, Erika, a twenty-three-year-old schoolteacher with low self-esteem had to decide: honor her wedding vows and suffer the humiliation or leave him and face a life alone. Her marriage to Arvid, a thirty-two-year-old classical musician who struggles with daddy issues, is one of lies and deceit.

             Erika’s journey from the mundane life of a high school teacher to a new beginning in a small town in the Carolina mountains involves a secret inheritance, thirty-foot yacht, a Junkanoo parade in the Bahamas, a flamboyant yachtsman, and a secret cross-dressing poker party.

            It takes a tragic accident, the honesty of a Jiminy-Cricket-like friend, the love of an attentive soul mate, and her own new-found confidence for her to become a wealthy young widow with a successful art business, a place in the community and a solid sense of personal achievement.

            It’s My Turn is a story full of heart. You will cheer for a woman who didn’t know her own strengths until she transitioned through a trouble-filled marriage to self-confidence and independence.


“It’s always a treat to read a strong young woman as a central character. There is so much background and texture and interesting stuff that happens in this book. It’s a joy to watch Erika navigate into and out of a career and an oddly matched marriage, to lead a new life with self-confidence and independence.”

     Ashley Strosnider, Managing Editor of Prairie Schooner.

“The author is an excellent storyteller with a keen sense of humor that he incorporates into his story. You will feel as if you know the characters personally and as if you are there with them through their experiences. “It’s My Turn” is an entertaining read. I have added it to my collection and recommend this book.”

   Amazon Reviewer

This novel is a delightful, humorous story with interesting turns of events. The characters are engaging and real. I felt like I gained several friends while reading this book.

   Amazon Reviewer

“Ready for a lighthearted, engaging and easy read? I liked it so much, I’ve purchased extras to give to my friends and family at Christmas. There is so many wonderful twists and turns in this book, it will keep you highly engaged and wanting to pick it back up again and again to continue reading. I loved the ending!”

   Amazon Reviewer