Life Events Interfere with Life

Isn’t it weird how life events can somehow interfere with life? I know you have all been there. That’s what happened to me over the last few weeks, some good things, some not so good. I won’t burden you with details, suffice to say my writing routine (if I can even say I have one) has suffered. I must admit I had been struggling with structure to the point it was easier to put my Panama story aside and zone out waiting for the magical inspiration to hit. Finally, with the healing effect of time, I got a handle on structure for a few scenes, and even a few hundred words down on paper. Bumps in the road do go away. Now, Dick, get back to work!

Author: Dick

I have to tell you right up front. I’m a story teller. After graduation from the Coast Guard Academy in 1957, my twenty-eight years of active duty have given me a lot of fodder. I finally heeded my daughter’s pleas, “Dad, you have got to write those stories down,” and published my memoirs in 1975. Caught up in the writing experience, I moved on to publish a novel in 2019 and I'm continuing to write. It's my new number 1 hobby.

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