Short Story Success

I’m overjoyed with the response from sharing short stories on

In the last ten days, over 500 people have read my stories with a welcome number of feel-good comments. One, Karen, was selected as story star of the day, and Dolly still reigns as non-fiction story star of the week. My latest real life story, It’s the Culture, Stupid has been up for one day and already has 50 readers. All rated at 5 star.

If like me, you are not writing for the money, but because you enjoy sharing your thoughts and writing with others––you might also enjoy the feedback you realize from It’s a great morale booster and a place to let others read your writing and for you to read theirs; from people like you, to the classic writers.

Now after a blissful distraction for two days, it’s time to get back to The Goldlisters of Panama. I am making some progress.

Dolly Named Story of the Week

I opened the home page of this morning to find my fictional piece “Karen” has been named “Story of the day.” Scrolling down, I was more surprised to find my short memoir piece, “Dolly,” named story of the week.

When you’re ready for a break, this is a good source for short stories. Hundreds of options, easy to find one you like. I often read to Carol from here.

About StoryStar (Excerpted from the home page)

Storystar is a totally FREE site featuring one of the world’s largest collections of short stories, with many of the best stories online, written in English by writers of all ages around the world. Add your own story to Storystar today, then share it with friends and family!

New Flash Fiction

I needed another short break from my Historical Fiction: Goldlisters of Panama, so I ventured into the world of flash fiction (under 1000 words) with a revision of a piece I did a few years ago. It felt good to complete a project in a few days. Karen was inspired by Carol’s favorite movie of all time, Out of Africa. Hope you enjoy it.